Trash Bag Fundraiser


This is an ongoing fundraiser for the Central Indiana Young Marines. You may order them at any time, but we may wait and do a monthly delivery based on the number of orders. The rolls are $10.00 each.

T118 ~ WHITE

18 Gallons

60 Bags per Roll

T130 ~ BLACK

30 Gallons

40 Bags per Roll

Young Marines, this is what you are working toward with every fundraiser we do!!

Young Marine Salesman of the Year Ribbon

Please make sure to add the Young Marine's name you heard about these from as it will count toward a salesmanship award!


39 Gallons

20 Bags per Roll

T155 ~ GREEN

55-60 Gallons

15 Bags per Roll

Young Marine Outstanding Salesman Ribbon
Trash Bag Order Form PDF