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From: National Executive Director


To: Distribution


Subj: Young Marines Awards Manual


  1. Purpose. The purpose of this manual is to provide information and guidance regarding the awarding of Young Marines’ ribbons and awards.

  2. Cancellation. This manual cancels all other Awards Manuals and ribbon charts currently available on the web site.

  3. Promulgation. This manual contains information relating to appropriate procedure for recommending ribbons and awards.

  4. Summary. This manual has undergone extensive revision. It is not the intent of this manual to have Young Marines re-qualify for ribbons and awards that have been awarded. Rather, it is strongly suggested that unit commanders review the new guidelines for qualification awards to ensure that those awards already earned fall within the new guidelines. Those that do not should simply review the new guidelines in the Young Marines Guidebook to ensure that their knowledge is commensurate with the new requirements.

  5. Awards issued by authority of National Executive Director only.

    1. All Young Marine awards listed as "Lowest Issuing Authority – National Executive Director," require a request for award submission form (see example following) be addressed to the National Executive Director via Young Marines chain of command.

    2. Summary of action. A summary of action is required to ensure that the act for which the Young Marine is being recognized for a personal award contains necessary information for a creditable citation to be drafted. The summary of action should contain YM-rank, name (first, MI, last), Young Marine Unit they are a member of, time, date, location of event and a summary of event for which Young Marine is being recognized. When appropriate, it should contain supporting documentation from eyewitnesses and/or recommendations from on-scene observers.

    3. All requests for ribbons and awards should be expedited. A reasonable amount of time between the action for which Young Marine is being sited and time recommendation is forwarded through the chain of command should not exceed forty-five days.

    4. Requests to higher headquarters for ribbons / awards should come as original documents through the postal service with appropriate endorsements from each level. Exception – YM Division Commanders may FAX completed ‘package’ with all appropriate/signed endorsements to award. Likewise, requests without appropriate signed endorsements will be returned without action. You may mail or fax a copy of request to the National Deputy Director as notice that original is being processed through chain of command.

  6. Any questions regarding contents of this manual or recommendations for change should be forwarded to Young Marine National Headquarters, attention: Training and Education.



Michael B. Kessler

National Executive Director

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