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THE NEXT RECRUIT ORIENTATION/REGISTRATION WILL BE coming up in the future at Fort Harrison, 9801 East 59th Street, Indianapolis (Marine Corps and Naval Reserve Building on the south side of the street). To reserve one of the 24 spots available, send in the completed forms along with a $150 check. Spots are available on a first come basis. This Recruit Class will be coming up soon, be prepared for an open house in the future.


The child and guardian must attend the orientation/registration session together and meet with the Commanding Officer or Adjutant before registration is approved – NO EXCEPTIONS.

New Recruit 

Registration Fee


Current Young Marine Re-Registration


Due by August 1st each year



Below are often asked questions and corresponding answers regarding the steps necessary to become a Young Marine. If you have any additional questions, please contact Christopher Midgley, Unit Commander.


Q. Who can become a Young Marine?


A. The Young Marines is a youth program open to boys and girls from ages 8-18 or the completion of high school.


Q. Is there any training to be a Young Marine?


A. Everyone that joins the program has to go through 3 months of recruit training (boot camp) before they can become a Young Marine. There are 2 recruit classes each year, one in February and the other in August. The recruit may not miss more than 3 drills or they will have to start over in the next recruit class. 


Q. Are there any registration requirements to join the program?


A. Yes, the registration process and forms must be completed and a $150.00 registration fee paid to reserve a spot in the February or August class, whichever is applicable. Space for the recruit training classes is limited. We can only accommodate 24 new recruits per class. Demand for the program is increasing so space is available on a first come, first serve basis. Those families who complete the registration process and pay the registration fee early are more likely to have a spot in the next recruit training class.The registration process is as follows:


1. The Young Marine recruit along with a legal guardian must attend Orientation prior to registration. Check the Event Calendar for Orientation dates. Orientation will be held between 6:30-7:30pm at the Marine and Naval Reserve Center, 9801 East 59th Street, Indianapolis.


2. Once the Young Marine recruit and legal guardian has attended an Orientation, complete all registration forms, provide a copy of the required documents (including a current physical within the last year for the recruit) and submit with the payment for the $150.00 registration fee made payable to Central Indiana Young Marines, they will be able to attend the next recruit training class that is accepting applicants.


Click here for the required documents and registration forms that need to be completed and submitted with the registration fee.


Q. What does the $150.00 registration fee include?


A. $100.00 is for the Young Marine recruit’s uniform and $50.00 covers the annual National Young Marine registration fee.


Q. Are there any other fees for the program?


A. Each year an annual re-registration fee of $50.00 needs to be paid to National Young Marines. In addition, there may be some outside activities that will have costs associated with them.


If you are unable to afford the fees please let us know. Also, check the links at the bottom of the page. Oftentimes, the local Marine Corps League Detachment or your local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post are willing to sponsor a Young Marine Recruit.


Q. How will I know if my child has a spot reserved in the next recruit training class?


A. You will receive an e-mail and a telephone call confirming the recruit training class your child will be able to attend.


Q. What are the time requirements for a Young Marine?


A. The Central Indiana Young Marines drill every Tuesday evening at the Marine and Naval Reserve Building on Fort Harrison from 6:00 – 8:30 pm. The goal is to have at least one activity each month outside of the normal Thursday evening drills. Additional activities the Young Marines participate in could included a parade, a visit to the VA Hospital, a wreath laying ceremony at the Medal of Honor memorial on the White River canal, participation in the Special Olympics Plane Pull, and an annual encampment every September.


There is also a Jr. and Sr. leadership school summer program for Young Marines who are at a lance corporal level or higher.


A Young Marine is promoted based on several factors. Part of promotion in the program is based on attendance to the weekly drills. There is also a requirement of 50 hours of community service per year to be promoted. Many of these hours can be acquired by participation in outside activities sponsored by the Central Indiana Young Marines.


Once a Recruit completes training, he or she will receive their first ribbon and earn the right to be called a Young Marine!

Recruit Basic Training Ribbon Requirements
Central Indiana Young Marines watching a fellow Young Marine receive an award.

One exceptional Recruit will earn the Honor Graduate Ribbon!

Recruit Honor Graduate Ribbon Requirements
Recruits learning how to be Central Indiana Young Marines!

Current Young Marines have the opportunity to earn two recruiting ribbons:

Awarded to Young Marine who through personal example and enthusiasm actively recruits new youth members into unit.
Awarded to Young Marine who recruits the most youth into Young Marines program.
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